Ms. Thipi Ledwaba

Administration Manager overseeing personnel and support functions at the head office and all branches.


Mr. Livhuwani Motabatsindi

Is a Quality Manager assigned for coordinating business process design, review and improvement, and to ensure delivery of quality services, as regularly verified through the ISO 9001 quality system. He holds a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.


Mr. Miḓalo Makwarela Pr Tech Eng, MSAIMechE 

Is a Mechanical Technologist, who heads the mechanical engineering department, while simultaneously providing design and project management services. He holds a B.Tech degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.


Mr. Samuel Mandebvu, Pr Eng, MSAIEE

Is an Electrical Engineer, who heads the electrical engineering department, and further provides design and project management services. He holds a BSc (Hons) degree in electrical engineering.



Mr. Edmond Mhandu, Pr Eng, MSAICE

Is a Civil Engineer, who heads the civil department and has over 10 years of experience in the design and project management of water, sanitation, roads, and stormwater services. He has been involved in several civil engineering services. Edmond has worked on several water, sanitation, roads, and stormwater projects as a design engineer. He holds a BEng (Hons) degree in Civil and Water Engineering.